Door Closing Devices


Door Closing Devices

Are your entrance or internal doors slamming or not closing properly? Are you concerned about building or fire door regulations? About health and safety compliance? Is a door unit leaking oil? Do you need door closers installed?

Keys247 can install closing devices onto timber, steel, aluminium or glass plate doors and can provide solutions for even the most demanding, high use entrances, gates and architectural doorways.

Need to modernise or repair a dated door closing unit or enhance an existing door closing system? Keys247 will always work to meet your unique requirements.


  • thmub

    Very impressed with the service - it was prompt, friendly and professional.

    John Plowright

    North London

  • thmub

    Arrived promptly and did a great job in unlocking the door.

    Elizabeth Rice

    South West London

  • thmub

    The technician was amazing! He really helped me understand what safety should be about and responded to my individual needs. Fast response. Great job!!

    Thomas Norris

    East London

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